Event / Street Food

Are you having an event? Need something different for food? We are always looking for events where we can bring our BILTONG market stall as well as our catering stall. We do hot street food using our award winning homemade traditional South African Boerewors Sausage as HOT DOGS and BURGERS – and now also doing bacon butties for early birds at the market… The meat we use to make our Boerewors Sausage/Burgers is a coarse mixture of minced Beef, Pork and Lamb with a tasty mix of spices tasting totally different to a normal hot dog or burger. Served on a buttered roll, a good dollop of fried onions and condiments. As well as this, we also have a market stall full of South African Biltong products. Presently we have a monthly Street Food stall at the Love Bollington Market  (second Sunday of the month) where you can pop in and see us to have a taste of our special foodies. We have two fully equipped gazebos, one for Biltong and one for cooking so can do do either or both as required. We can cater for up to about 600 units over a day’s event such as the recent Macclesfield Festival. Prices can be discussed to suit.