Smoked Gammon Ham. (Deliveries to start 1st week November) last year we started making delicious HOME CURED / WOOD SMOKED Christmas Gammon hams. I was tired of the rubbish SMOKE injected hams so I made a whole lot and they were all snapped up. These are all in varying sizes and shapes from 1 to 4kg or bigger if required. 1 Kg ham will feed about 3 people.

Eisbein / Ham Hock / Shank to compliment the Gammon Hams. Cured and smoked. Average weight is around 1kg - 1.3kg

Kassler Chops Joint in a racks of about 5 bone weighing around 1.2 - 1.5 kg. Cured then delicately wood smoked.

Smoked Polish Kielbasa Sausage is our latest addition to the smoker basket. These are sort of similar to the Russian sausages we used to get back home in Africa. A mix of Pork, Beef, spices and then BBQ smoked. Ready to eat or you can re-heat or slice and fry a few seconds each side to crisp them up. Packed in 500g approx bags - normally 3 sausages per bag.

Most pricing for the smoked products is £12-15 per kg plus delivery. Please call us 07833 490 299 to discuss available sizes or to place a special order.

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