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Biltong Spice ... We also sell all our own brand Zimbeze Spice mix variations that we use in our products. Our Biltong ready mixed spices in various flavours. All our spices with the exception of SAFARI - PLAIN are MSG and GLUTEN FREE. A subtle blend of plain spices with a coriander base gives a great tasty morsel of biltong. We also add chilli powder and flakes to this plain mix to make a delightful tasting spicy medium heat spice.  Our Safari flavour with extra additives has a bit more depth and is a great Traditional Southern African taste.  Packed in 450g packs that is enough to spice up about 12kg of wet meat. We only sell this for DIY purposes and not for commercial manufacturers.
Msg / Gluten free spices = Plain, chilli + hot chilli, garlic.

Safari Plain - currently UNAVAILABLE - Please call me to explain ETA...  07833 490 299 .

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