Chilli-Bites / Stokkies

Chilli Bites / Stokkies are similar to Biltong but are a thinly cut sliver of spiced fairly dry biltong. These have a different marinade mixture to give it a slight bite and a different taste to biltong…  Carefully cut and marinated for over 24 hours to let the spices and marinade be absorbed into the meat strips. All the Stokkies have a unique taste from the added Worcester and soy sauce, giving it a slightly different taste from the normal biltong. To complement the Plain product, our delicious tasty spicy chilli bites have chilli powder added to the spice mix and a HOT variation is also available. A real hit with everyone who loves a bit of spicy chilli. There is NO MSG or Gluten used in the recipe for these products.

NB.. Some fatty bits will normally be present..

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