Boerewors Burger Patty

Boerewors Burger Patty 

Our Boerewors Burger Patties are made with the same ingredients as Boerewors sausage above, but made as a burger instead. Each one is a delicious Quarter Pounder patty (approx 125g ) - just meats and spices - no binders or fillers.  Like our Boerewors they have no added MSG, FILLERS, RUSK or GLUTEN so are also Ideal for Banting Dieters (LCHF)

Presently we are only making a plain version. Packaged 4 patties to a 500g (approx) pack. Packs are frozen vacuum packaged and sent by next day courier.
For obvious reasons these are non-returnable

Our plain Boerewors has been awarded a Great Taste 1 star rating and we use the same recipe for the burgers so is as delicious as the boerewors.  

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Price: £6.50

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