Boerewors (500g approx.)


Boerewors Is a very Traditional spiced South African Farmers Sausage. Boerewors to South Africa is just like Germany's Bratwurst is their traditional sausage. A subtle blend of herbs and spices (which include: salt, black  pepper, nutmeg, roast coriander, allspice, and cloves) which when added to coarsley minced beef, pork and lamb give our Boerewors the best South African taste around. Great for a BBQ or in proper African terms - a BRAAI.  We have a traditional recipe going back many years and our customers LOVE the product.

Our Boerewors has NO MSG, FILLERS, RUSK or GLUTEN added and is also Ideal for Banting Dieters (LCHF) as there is no added sugar or bad additives, with the exception of our cheese and chutney variants which have milk and sugars. Flavours available: plain, garlic, chilli, chutney, cheese.

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Boerewors is very versatile - you can either Braai (BBQ) it, grill it or fry it. It is also delicious on a roll and many market stalls sell it like this. Don't pierce your Boerewors before or during cooking and cook it over a low to medium heat to retain as much moisture as possible.

Packed in 500g (approx) frozen packs, vacuum packaged and sent by next day courier.  For obvious reasons Boerewors is non-returnable.

Boerewors Pin-wheels.  Thinny sausage coiled to burger size and pinned with kebab sticks to stay in shape when cooking. Approx 145 - 170g each - Packed in pack of 5 approx 750g.

For delivery addresses in Scottish addresses, Highlands, Off-shore islands, Northern Ireland etc. please see terms and conditions and contact us before placing your order.

We are proud owners of a Great Taste award (1 star) for our Plain Boerewors..

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