Biltong – Bulk Packs 250g

Biltong is a traditional Southern African spiced and air-dried snack made using beef steaks, very high in protein and low in saturated fats. It is fast becoming a major food snack for sportsmen and women as it’s extremely good for a quick muscle recovery from exercise, be it athletics, cycling, canoeing, hiking etc. etc.  We only use top quality British Beef silverside. There is NO MSG or Gluten added in our traditional Plain or Chilli biltong. Our Safari range has a small amount of imported South African "Safari" spice added to our natural spices to give it a slightly deeper South African taste and does contain MSG. We mix our own base spices and comprise salt, pepper and roasted coriander and sugar, then the addition of the required flavouring.

Approx 220g beef is used to make 100g dried product and is approx 55% protein 255 kCal per 100g dry product. (sourced from the internet). Fatty option is not always available so we will supply as fatty as possible.

Semi vac-packed 250g bags and sealed in either Mylar or food safe strong plastic bags in an oxygen-free environment.

Subject to stock availability we will supply as close as possible to your preferred options.  

We are proud owners of a Great Taste award for our Chilli Biltong

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