New Product – Bacon Bites

We have been testing our latest invention…. Bacon Bites… made in Sweet or Sweet Chilli flavours.   Traditional Southern African style semi air dried / dehydrated streaky bacon and/or back bacon strips. These are lightly spiced and marinated in a mix of chutney, honey, worcester and soy sauce, vinegar and balsamic, spiced with our own blend of biltong spices and a good flavoured SPICY CHILLI spice added. This combination produces a taste that really is a delicious, almost “sweet & sour with a small kick” flavour…  Sweet from the marinade and sour from salt from the cure and spices.. then it also has the  wonderful SPICY CHILLI finish. These are a cross between Bacon Jerky and Biltong as they are de-hydrated and not really air dried like biltong although dried at the lowest temperature they are still semi cooked like Jerky.  Been packaging and doing loads of tasting today on all the little nibble bits…. after all we have to make sure the product is good!!