ALL OUR MARKETS SUSPENDED TFN due to Corona Virus Isolating.

Presently we are still concerned about covid as after my cancer treatment (some of which is still ongoing), puts me in the high risk category so I’m still self isolating as much as possible and feel markets are not going to be as safe as needed for me. The virus is still out there and who knows if and when it might peak again. Secondly our online web shop has simply been blown out the water and we cant cope with orders. Presently we cant produce enough stock to cope so would not have any stock for markets as well. So as soon as possible we will obviously be back.

In the meantime we can post or courier orders to you or you can socially distance collections from the house – call first on 07833 490 299.

Please pop back to the shop to place orders.



Market dates & venues  

We attend makers market stalls at a few times a month and on other occasions when invited. Where infrastructure isn’t supplied, we have a two fully equipped gazebo stalls that house all our Biltong products as well as our special Southern African Great Taste Award Winning Boerewors sausage that we sell in frozen packs. As they are all niche products, unknown to many people, we always have loads of taster samples so people can taste our delicious products. We also cook samples of our boerewors which is fast becoming a hit with everyone who tries it. We also now sell burger patties made from the boerewors mix.

We also do outside catering for private party occasions or open events where along with our biltong stall we also cook and sell our Award Winning Boerewors sausage as “Hot Dogs” and Burgers.  Cooked carefully on our gas BBQ / Braai until just right, lovely bursting with flavour boerewors on a sub or bap roll, topped with fried onions and condiments.. Absolutely delicious.


cooking-at-comrades-day-2Here is “master chef” Gavin at work cooking Boerewors on the BBQ/Braai…… and the finished product ready to be eaten.

Please Contact Us if you would like us to do a stall or catering for you or see the Street Food page.

Market dates & venues

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