Ham Recipe

Charlie J. Conway’s Ham – (Patent no CJC 1919)
Family recipe since 19 Voetsak

1 Ham – big one
2 Onions more if you like
3 Bay leaves
Whole cloves – handful
Brown sugar – dollop
Bottle of Port (BIG) maybe 2 required !!
Mustard powder
Salt, Sugar
Few handfuls dry Sugar beans


  • Firstly – don’t forget to soak the beans overnight…  Don’t worry if you forgot – just simmer them for a long time..
  • Cover ham with water in a suitable size pot. 
  • Add – 2 onions quartered, some whole cloves 20 , salt, spoon of sugar, squeeze of honey and a good dollop of Port. Have a glass of Port now!!
  • Bring to the boil and then let it simmer – only just a low simmer with a swirl – not bubbling away. Check and turn the ham occasionally – have another glass of Port each time!!
  • Simmer for 20 minutes per pound (45 min per kg) Open another bottle of Port.
  • In the meantime Then boil them slowly whilst doing the ham. Make a white/cheese sauce for them (Optional)
  • Once simmered then if the ham has a thick Rhodesian type of skin remove it. If it has a soft Brit skin then leave it on.
  • Score the fat in diamond shapes. Stick a clove in each diamond shape. Pour some port over and sprinkle some sugar over. Make up a thick sludge of Port, dash of mustard powder, sugar.
  • Baste the ham with this and place in preheated medium heat oven for a while.
  • Have a glass of Port every 10 minutes and baste the ham each time with the sludge. Make more if required. About 40 minutes is good enough.
  • Don’t let the sugar coated fat burn – it just needs to get a bit crispyish.. You can also dribble Honey on whilst basting.
  • In the meantime make a gravy with the water from the pot and also add some port. Remove the cloves but leave some onion pieces – these will help give some base to the gravy..
  • Another few swigs of port to taste..

Serve with onions in white sauce, red kidney beans, carrots, pumpkin and mash or new potatoes!! And more Port!! This is it – it really is simple if you drink enough Port it will taste even better!!

The best Ham ever – CJC was a master