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Droëwors (AKA Beer Sticks) are spiced air dried minced Beef sausage. The spices are different to that which is used for biltong. Dried lean beef sausage with a selection of spices - contains about 5%-10% fat. Our spices are mixed by ourselves and comprise salt, pepper and roasted coriander, nutmeg, clove and allspice. There is NO added MSG, Sugar or Gluten added in any of our Droewors - chutney has sugar in it's manufacturing process.  Various flavours are available, from our most popular own plain flavour, through to our tasty garlic or chutney versions and not forgetting our delicious spicy mild to medium chilli and chilli n garlic..  Delicious when washed down with a glass of wine or a cold beer watching the sunset - (when we get a bit of clear sky!!)

Approx 250g beef is used to make 100g dried product and is approx 45% protein 360 kCal per 100g dry product. Our Droëwors is all semi vac-packed in 250g packs in either Mylar / Kraft or strong plastic bags in an oxygen free environment.

Banting Droëwors - Low Carb High Fat.... All our Droewors is perfect for the dieters on the LCHF diet as no added sugar in the recipe with the exception of our Chutney which does have some sugar in the process of manufacturing the chutney.

We are now proud owners of a Great Taste award (1 star) for our Plain Droëwors

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